Awesome New Scoliosis Blog! Have a look inside

Welcome to our brand new Scoliosis Blog!

Why did we start up Scoliosis Watch?

Having been through the whole roller coaster of being diagnosed with Scoliosis through to corrective surgery and years of recovery we like to think we know a thing or two.

Remembering how little information was out there on the internet when we went through the stress and worry of being a teenage girl dealing with Scoliosis I felt inspired to try and pass on some of my experiences to you and generally help in anyway possible.

The idea for this blog is to try and source various interesting articles, inspirational stories and quotes from around the web and put them all in one place so you can find them easily.

I would like to point out that I am not an experienced blogger and welcome advice and suggestions for improvements and additions to our content.

So if you have something good you think we should cover on here then feel free to suggest it.

Please share your suggestions by email:


Scoliosis Watch