Scoliosis Surgery-My recovery!

Photo Video Montage with Explonations

Youtube user under the username ‘sloyster18′ has posted this photo montage video with notes about her own surgery and the journey she has taken. The reason I have posted this in my blog is because her video is very descriptive and anyone thinking of undergoing a surgery like this would probably find this educational from a patient’s casual point of view.

What the girl has to say about her surgery

“This is my surgery and recovery video from scoliosis/spinal surgery. Going into it I was scared for my life and looking at these other videos to recovery didn’t help much. I documented my process through everything and it turned out to be a phenomenal recovery! I was up and walking the day after by the third day i can do almost everything on my own. So anyone with scoliosis surgery is a fabulous idea and It is posssible to have a fast recovery! Maybe someday i can change somebody’s life:)”

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