Scoliosis Connecting with others

You know our  scoliosis blog and we try to provide with a variety of content about local things to do, as well as, important health and scoliosis information. However, we also know that you may want a first hand account of what going through scoliosis is like.


Our Scoliosis Tip For The Day: Connect With Others

There are plenty of message boards on which you can ask questions and share stories, but we also found a few well-kept blogs by scoliosis patients all over the nation. Getting involved in the community of online scoliosis patients can be very rewarding and helpful during your search for information. If you want to connect with someone else who has scoliosis, try reading one of these blogs and go from there:

  1. – A blog about a family dealing with scoliosis in their son
  2. – “Most people have growing pains. Scoliosis patients have daily pains.”
  3. – A collection of scoliosis patients’ stories. If you want to share yours, you can submit it here.


We encourage you to reach out to other scoliosis patients online, and continue to ask questions. We’re always happy to help, and hope you find what you are looking for in regards to scoliosis, Spinecor, and treatment. End Note: The opinions expressed in the aforementioned blogs are solely of the authors themselves and do not reflect our recommendations. Please contact us to discuss any questions that you may have.

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