Drummers avoiding Scoliosis

Drummers Avoiding Thoracic Kyphosis (curved spine)

The Drumming Body

Having finished a music degree myself, I do know how playing with musical instruments and other tools can really mess up your back if you aren’t sitting correctly. Although I was never really into drumming, I was more into keyboards and mixing consoles, I did notice the positive difference when sitting correctly. Sadly, we never got taught this at uni, so by the time you realise this yourself, it is a painkiller too late. So start learning about this early, kids!

Video Summery – The Drumming Body and Thoracic Kyphosis

In this video we are taught about Thoracic Kyphosis and how it relates to drumming and posture. The video illustrates the correct posture for drummers to help avoid Thoracic Kyphosis at a later stage in their lives. The great things about this video is that it can be applied to all office workers and how they sit at their desks. Watch the video and make sure your posture is correct when in a seated position.

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