The Best Scoliosis Exercises to do at home

The Best Back Exercises for Scoliosis

Scoliosis affects about 2% of people and is mostly prevalent in young girls, although adults and young boys also may have scoliosis also.  The majority of scoliosis cases are diagnosed as “idiopathic” scoliosis, which means that the cause of the condition is unknown.Scoliosis exercises are vitally important to aid recovery.

Building up muscle tone in the body cannot cure the curve progression but can help relieve painful symptoms and restore balanced muscle tone and improve your overall feeling of health.

If you are like me, suffering from Scoliosis and often find yourself in agony from either pain it causes or that constant discomfort, you will constantly be on a lookout for exercise plans and ideas that can improve the situation.

I have recently come across a few videos such as Martha Peterson’s below  that claim to help. I have looked at them, but unfortunately I haven’t tried them yet (I would like to pass them by my physiotherapist first).

Let’s face it though, I do not expect these exercises to straighten my back, but I believe they could be of a little bit of help in improving the quality of life and perhaps even slowing down the curvature of the spine.

I would like to add that you should take advice from your physiotherapist or doctor before attempting any exercise as every person has individual issues specifically personal to them so not every Scoliosis exercise will benefit every sufferer.

1. Axis Spinous Exercise

axis-spinous-scoliosis exercises

Directions for Axis Spinous exercise:

1. Cradle the back of your head with your hand while resting your forearm against your temple.
2. Grab your elbow with your opposite hand.
3. Push your head back at a 45 degree angle while stabilizing to allow no motion.
4. Hold for 5 seconds.

2. Atlas Rotation Exercise

atlas-rotation-scoliosis exercises

Directions for Atlas Rotation exercise:

1. Perform on the RIGHT / LEFT side only.
2. Rotate your head into your hand while resisting with your hand.
3. Hold for 5 seconds.

3. Cervico – Dorsal Exercise

cervico-dorsal-scoliosis exercises

Directions for Cervico – Dorsal exercise:

1. While standing with your RIGHT / LEFT side against the wall, push your head into your RIGHT / LEFT hand as if you are pushing your ear toward your shoulder.
2. Hold for 5 seconds.

4. Leg Raise Exercise

leg-raise-scoliosis exercises

Directions for Leg Raise exercise:

1. Lie on your Right / Left side.
2. Use two rolls under your neck and head.
3. Raise both legs up 6 inches off of the floor.
4. Hold for 5 seconds.

5. QL Low Back Exercise Video

low-back-exercise-scoliosis exercises

Directions for QL Low Back exercise:

1. Lie on your back with your Right / Left side against the wall.
2. Use a roll under your Neck ONLY, NO low back roll.
3. Cross the Right / Left ankle on top.
4. Block your Right / Left hip high, other hip low.
5. Push your legs against the wall WITHOUT moving them.
6. Hold for 10 seconds.

6. Straight Leg Weighting Exercise

straight-leg-exercise-scoliosis exercises

Directions for Straight Leg Weighting exercise:

1. Lie on your back.
2. Use a roll for your neck and low back.
3. Block the Right / Left hip high, other hip low.
4. Lift your Right / Left leg up and out at a 45 degree angle 6 inches from the floor with a 2-3 lb weight on.
5. Bend your other leg up.
6. Hold for 5 seconds

7. Lumbar Extension Exercise

Lumber-extention-scoliosis exercises

Directions for Lumbar Extension exercise:

1. Perform while sitting.
2. Sit straight and arch your lower back while pushing your knees apart.
3. Extend your head.
4. Hold for 5 seconds.

8 Psoas Stretch Exercise

Psoas-stretch-scoliosis exercises

Directions for Psoas Stretch exercise:

1. Do this stretch with the Right / Left knee bent and up on a chair and the opposite leg straight back.
2. Hold for 60 seconds.

9.Seated Strap Exercise

seated-lateral-strap-exercise-scoliosis exercises

Directions for Seated Strap exercise:

1. For lumbar scoliosis curves, perform while sitting.
2. Bend to the Right / Left with your head down.
3. Hold for 60 seconds.

10.Standing Strap Exercise

standing-lateral-strap-scoliosis exercises

Directions for Standing Strap exercise:

1. For thoracic scoliosis curves, perform while standing.
2. Bend to the Right / Left with your head up.
3. Hold for 60 seconds.

11.Flexion / Extension Prone Exercise

extension-prone-scoliosis exercises

Directions for Flexion / Extension Prone exercise:

1. Lie on your stomach.
2. Use a roll at the bridge of your nose.
3. Chin up slightly.
4. Push your head down into the table.
5. Hold for 5 seconds.


Each patient is prescribed an individualized program of exercises depending on a patient’s specific scoliosis curve type and size, degree of spinal flexibility, patient balance and coordination, and any complicating factors.
Doing exercises that are not appropriate for your scoliosis, or doing them incorrectly, can result in damage or a worsening of your condition.
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