About Scoliosis and Treatment Options

About Scoliosis and Common Treatment Options

This video is rather basic, but for those who are not yet familiar about what Scoliosis is, the summery in this video is fast and clear. The video further talks about the more conventional form of treatment; the brace and the surgery (both of which I myself was subjected to, however now I am told the brace is not a good idea).

The Scoliosis Video Transcribed

Scoliosis often presents itself or becomes more prominent during adolescent development. When viewed from the back, a healthy spine appears as a straight line. But when a person has scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine, that person’s spine may be curved from side to side, front to back, and may even be rotated. On an x-ray, the spine may look more like an “S” or a “C” than a straight line.

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